Site originated 1/1/2007
For a long time I contemplated the start of a web forum devoted solely to the support of the Chelton Experimental EFIS users.  Or for that matter, any Chelton user who wants to get to know their system better.  I myself have a Chelton System, which I consider to be the heart of my own plane, and is my absolute favorite part of my aircraft.  No matter what kind of aircraft you're flying, if you've bought a Chelton, you're probably planning to do some IFR flying.  To do this safely, you want a properly installed system, that you know how to use.  Finding help can sometimes be a chore, so this site has been developed fo provide a suitable forum where you can direct your questions, without having to always contact the manufacturers.  You probably already realize that most manufacturers don't have the greatest websites or access to help.  This seems true across the board.  You can usually get manuals, but not often get questions answered quickly and easily.  This site is a members-only site, serving only those who have actually decided to take the plunge on a Chelton EFIS.  The goal is to keep this forum from degrading into a back and forth argument for or against other EFIS choices, as the members on this forum will have already done their homework and made their choice of Chelton, which I believe is arguably the best EFIS system out there for flying in the IFR system.  There are also a couple of vendor-allowed areas where you can ask questions and receive direct answers from vendors such as Chelton Flight Systems, and Crossbow.  This has proved a valuable method of obtaining the information and allowing it to be shared with others too.

This forum and website is an un-endorsed and un-official site dedicated to the support of the users of the Experimental Chelton EFIS system. This site is completely unaffiliated with Chelton Flight Systems, and was created by myself, a Chelton EFIS user, for the assistance of other Chelton EFIS users. All information herein should be independently verified and not relied upon for it's accuracy, as most of it was generated by the member users, and not Chelton Flight Systems, except as otherwise stated.  Chelton does participate in the forums on the Chelton Hotline section, and you may find that you get good solid answers to questions posed to them there.  This site has been very lucky to have their participation.

If you wish to become a forum member, just register using your real info. on the forum page, and after the registration is approved, you will be able to access the group.  Be prepared to include in your profile your current status and dealer (i.e. owned and flying, purchased and waiting) so that I can be assured that you are actually a Chelton EFIS owner.  This is all done to make the forum a more bearable environment, as we don't need another war zone, but only a true support forum.  You can contact me at this address if you have any questions.

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